University of Lethbridge: Undergraduate Degree in Addiction Counselling

*Courses completed relevant to Coaching and Counselling

  • HLSC 1000: Introduction to Addiction Studies
  • HLSC 1020: Introduction to Counselling Interview
  • HLSC 1220: Introduction to Counselling
  • HLSC 1225: Physiology and Process of Addiction
  • HLSC 2120: Individual and Group Counselling
  • HLSC 2245: Assessment of Addictions
  • HLSC 2700: Health and Society
  • HLSC 3002: Health Education and Promotion
  • HLSC 3120: Family Counselling
  • HLSC 3150: Adult Psychopathology
  • HLSC 3130: Cultural Context of Addictions
  • HLSC 3240: Issues in Addiction and Mental Health
  • HLSC 3260: Research Methodology
  • HLSC 3420: Ethics in Counselling
  • HLSC 3759: Counselling Particular Populations
  • HLSC 3749: Studies in Specific Mental Disorders
  • HLSC 4200: Community Counselling and Development
  • HLSC 4990: Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • PSYC 1000: Basic Concepts of Psychology
  • PSYC 2800: Social Psychology
  • SOCI 1000: Basic Concepts of Sociology
  • SOCI 2500: Deviance, Conformity and Social Control
  • SOCI 3310: Sociology of Families
  • PHIL 2000: Personal Identity
  • RELS 1000: World Religions


Matt Landsiedel Coaching/Counselling Calgary, AB

Intuitive Life & Spiritual Coach/Counsellor

  • Operating a private coaching and counselling practice
  • Life and Spiritual Coaching
  • Psycho-spiritual Counselling
  • Facilitating therapeutic group workshops
  • Couples communication coaching

Nu Energy Laser & Addiction Services Inc. Calgary, AB

Owner/Operator, Addiction Counsellor, Certified Laser Therapist

  • Provide assessment and treatment to clients with Addiction
  • Manage business operations

Alberta Health Services Calgary, AB

Mental Health & Addiction Counsellor/Case Manager (Calgary Young Offender Centre – Forensic Adolescent Treatment and Education Program)

  • Program Development
  • Provide individual, group and family counselling to at-risk youth and their families
  • Completion of client assessments
  • Developed and executed treatment plans for clients
  • Community presentations to educate the public about the program
  • Completion of risk assessments using the Violence Risk Scale (VRS)
  • Completion of client reports upon intake and discharge

Hull Child and Family Services Calgary, AB

Child and Youth Counsellor – Team Lead (Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) Program)

  • Provide front line support to high risk youth with mental health concerns, addictions, sexual exploitation concerns, family difficulties and behavioral issues
  • Facilitation of counselling education workshops on parenting
  • Develop and execute treatment plans
  • Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapies through a strength-based approach
  • Collaborate with various community service providers and professionals
  • Tobacco Reduction Counsellor for the Safe Directions programs
  • Individual/group counselling and family support

Family Ties Lethbridge, AB

Family Preservation Worker

  • Therapeutic interventions and informal counselling with families
  • Assessing youth/families and identifying strengths and areas of challenge
  • Providing resources and supports
  • Assisting families with skill development
  • Supervised visits
  • Parenting skills development workshops

Developmental aide

  • Promote and enhance development in identified areas (i.e. language/communication, functional life skills, social skills, behavior management skills, etc.)
  • Educate parents in regard to the areas of strength and challenge of their child
  • Developed and implemented lesson plans for young Autistic children


Canadian Professional Counsellors Association

  • Registered Professional Counsellor

ART International – Authentic Relating Training

  • The ART of Being Human – Level 1completion: 18 hours

Santa Tierras Earth Medicine Traditions

  • Cosmology for Empowerment Series Foundational Program – completion 80 hours

Treatment Implementation Collaborative

  • 3-Day Intensive Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) Training – completion: 24 hours

The Change Companies

  • Courage to Change 2-day workshop – completion: 16 hours

Forensic Psychiatry Services – Alberta Hospital Edmonton

  • Current Practice In-service completion: 5 hours

Hull Child and Family Services

  • Self-harm Workshop – completion: 8 hours
  • Comprehensive Crisis Intervention – completion: 24 hours
  • Indigenous Awareness – completion: 16 hours
  • Introduction to Diversity – completion: 5 hours
  • ASIST- Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training – completion: 14 Hours

University of Calgary – Faculty of Social Work

  • National Addictions Awareness Week Conference – completion: 6 Hours

University of Lethbridge

  • Congruence Workshop and Training: Living from the Center – completion: 21 Hours
  • Congruence Workshop and Training: Congruence Couple Therapy – completion: 21 Hours

Alberta Health Services

  • Prevention Basics Trainingcompletion: 16 hours
  • Forensic Adolescent Program – Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY) – completion: 8 hours

Calgary Family Services

  • Effective Co-parenting: Putting Kids First – completion: 8 hours