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Counsellor & Facilitator – Matt Landsiedel inspires the worthiness, courage and confidence within you to be your most authentic self

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I speak my truth with raw and real stories that connect to you.

I do this because practicing healthy vulnerability has been how I have overcome shame and perfectionism. I became tired of hiding behind my masks and it was time for me to show up authentically.

I want you to feel confident and have a deep sense of love for yourself so you can show up in this world authentically and live your best life.

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Embrace the truth of who you are by healing shame and becoming more aligned to your authentic self. Learn how to take the journey from your head to your heart and develop complete self-acceptance through my coaching/counselling.

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Develop a stronger sense of self-worth through aligning to your truth. Self-worth is the foundation for intimacy and developing meaningful connections. Learn how to experience more confidence in your intimate relationships.

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Inspirational content to help you discover the truth of who you are. Stop hiding aspects of yourself and learn how to show up authentically and vulnerably with yourself and others so meaningful connection can occur.

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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or Empath looking for a supportive community?

Come join one of my 8 week programs – Authentic Relating & Empowerment for Highly Sensitive People (ARE).

In these intensive workshops combining the principles of Authentic Relating and Emotion Regulation, I will teach you how to thrive as a HSP and you will connect with a community of people just like you. You don’t need to go at it alone anymore!



Working with Matt was such a gift!

I discovered him through the Gay Mens Brotherhood. His insightful posts really resonated with me. As someone who is an empath and highly sensitive, it felt like a sigh of relief to finally see a mirror of myself in the world. When it came time to work with a coach, Matt was an obvious choice. Working with Matt is like a warm hug… he offers such a kind space of safety to explore, giving gentle encouragement and the freedom to just be. He met me where I was at and really help guide me to find greater truths within myself.

I highly recommend working with Matt if you are ready to dive in!

I eagerly look forward to working with him again in the future.


I found Matt at a time in my life when I was in deep emotional pain, looking for support and healing from shame and low self worth. It was a divine orchestration.

Matt provided the empathetic, non-judgemental, patient, compassionate, intuitive, loving, accepting, safe environment that I needed in order to do my healing work, and in the process connect me back to my Spiritual Self, a connection that I had been consciously lacking for a long time.

I am grateful for the time I spent with Matt which proved to be a pivotal time in my healing journey.

There are many coaches out there and I specifically chose Matt. Firstly because we shared the same burden of shame and toxic masculinity. Secondly because Matt understands the shame  growing up gay and the effects that has had on little me. The outcome is that I am very happy I made this decision because Matt is a really good coach.
Matt has a unique skill that is his empathy. This enables him to “feel” what is going on and it helped me during my sessions to get a grasp of what was really going on below the surface. I love how open Matt is about his own journey that showed me I am not alone there.
We have worked through some of my issues and step by step it enabled me to peel off the protection layers to get to my true self, my authentic self. Some topics might feel heavy such as shame, but they are very impacting on my life. I was happy to work with Matt to feel these feelings and the triggers I had as a consequence of that.
I am glad I got to know Matt and am convinced he is of added value if you want to get to know your authentic self as well.
Taking the ARE course was a significant journey into my personal exploration of being an HSP.

In this course you will learn how to accept, comprehend, and thrive with this meaningful part of who you are.

In my opinion, the participants in the course will be a significant part of this experience. Why? You will know that you’re not alone. There are others like you who understand your journey and you will have the opportunity to interact with them. The course may seem daunting but be good to yourself.

Transformation is within your reach.


I first met Matt Landsiedel in a group called Gay Mens Brotherhood. Its a group for connecting with other gay men on the journey of healing from shame and becoming more authentic and aligned to their truth.

Resonating with Matt and his journey I decided to reach out to him about his Transformative coaching sessions. I am so glad I did. In our time together I was able to process so much guilt, shame and trauma. His sessions have allowed me to overcome so much and I feel better than I ever have. From shadow, ego and inner child work he helped me to focus on who I am and who I desire to be.

I can attest to Matt’s approach and how warm, kind, loving, empathetic and genuine he is. You won’t regret working with him. He is life saving. Thanks again Matt for allowing me to find the real me that I am happy to love and honor.


Matt Landsiedel coaching services is truly transformational!

I started with Matt in Dec 2019 and worked with him for 6 months. I was at a point in my life that I wanted to make a change and didn’t know how or what that even looked like, all I knew was that I didn’t like how I was feeling and viewing the world. There were past events that I needed to work through, and to learn to forgive myself and to forgive others.  The beauty of working with Matt is that he doesn’t go into the past directly and resurface the pain, he teaches you to live in the present moment and works through what is showing up for you today.

Some of the biggest efforts that I am working through are abandonment, worthiness and vulnerability. Matt asked me to pick an end reward to celebrate my success, I said that I would climb a mountain to symbolize my efforts and wins, and to be able to stand at the top and admire all the beauty that came with it.

About a month into coaching I learned that I was pregnant and even though it was planned I wasn’t able to feel the excitement.  I was afraid and felt unworthy. My past kept reminding me of why I didn’t deserve this or why I wouldn’t be a good mother.  And my transformation journey with Matt started to get real as I worked through self-forgiveness, learning to trust again, surrendering, being vulnerable, and living with present moment awareness.

Yes, at times it wasn’t easy, everything intensifies right before it disappears. Matt kept reassuring me that I would soon be looking back on this journey and realizing that I am a completely different person. Working with Matt was exactly where I was meant to be in my life at that time.  Doing the work to heal my soul and learning to live in the present moment has brought me a whole different outlook on life.  I was able to mentally prepare myself for a natural, drug free labour, and to truly trust and lean on the people that supported me through it.

But also, to trust in myself, my body and my own abilities.  Delivering my son in under 3 hours as a vaginal breech was truly my breakthrough point, it was what I was working towards all along. The selfless, vulnerable, and powerful role of motherhood. Jaxon was my mountain that I climbed with him, and in honor we named him Everest. Working with Matt is worth the investment on yourself.  His love, honesty and presence is very healing.  It was one of the best things I have ever done.


Well where do I start…. I will never forget the day I decided to reach out to Matt

The truth is I was at an absolute LOW…not only with the way I felt about myself, but also my general health. I finally had enough of not feeling good about myself… but unfortunately with my level of confidence and issues with drinking/drugs, I felt I was getting into another situation of failure.

Going into my consultation I remember the fear of commitment and wondering if I was going to follow through…also thinking was I even worth the money to do coaching? because despite my attitude of wanting a change, I never believed I could be anything better than I was with everything I had been dealing with.

Matt, you took the time to work with me and all my life drama and personal issues. You pushed me to do better and be better even on the days I felt worthless. I cannot thank you enough for everything. You truly are one of kind and always manage to see the best of any situation. The amount of passion that you put into your job really shows and I will be forever grateful on how you’ve changed my life and mindset by simply taking the time to believe in me, even when I couldn’t for myself

For anyone reading this who maybe feels the same way or wants to make a change please book a consultation you will not regret it! He really did change my life.

For anyone thinking of reaching out to Matt for coaching and you’re dealing with psychological issues, depression, anxiety – or just feeling like something is “not right” in your life or thought patterns,
Matt is a great resource to have on your side.
There are so many abstract ideas, and concepts to learn about yourself. If you don’t have someone
that could break it down for you – or explain things in an easy to learn manner it would be extremely difficult to go through different phases of your journey alone because it does at times feel as though you are “losing it” – and it is easy to get lost in that.
The support and guidance from Matt has been so helpful – since there are so many questions that will arise.
If you are looking to progress your personal growth and deal with your issues – working with Matt will help to move you forward much faster than if you were to try to go through things on your own.
Making the investment in a coach is one of the best things you can do for yourself – getting yourself on the right track and tackling the issues as they come up. Getting someone else’s perspective on your journey is very important – and finding someone that has been through it all themselves has been so valuable for me.

My name is Amanda and I just wanted to take a minute and explain what my experience was like coaching with Matt.

I decided to contact him about coaching services and the reason I did that was because I was just at a really low point in my life. I felt a loss of control, I felt unhappy and depressed, I felt a lot of negative feelings at that time and I didn’t like being that type of person. I recognized that it was time to do something different because what I have been doing wasn’t working anymore.

I felt like Matt was the type of person that I could open up to, trust and learn from. With a little hesitancy because I am a total control freak and I can be very closed off if I feel vulnerable, I decided to reach out to him. I figured I would just see how our first conversation went and we talked and we really connected.

Throughout our coaching, he taught me how to work on accepting myself as I am, and how to be more kind and gentle with myself. He also taught me how to surrender because for a control freak like me that is a really big deal.

I am so thankful that I took that first step and messaged him because where I am today just a couple months later is completely different. I feel happy, I feel relaxed. I feel like I can look in the mirror and be like “that is a strong mother, she is a good person, she is beautiful”, instead of looking in that mirror and picking apart my flaws.

I just wanted to say thank you Matt, thank you for all you have done for me! If you are on the fence or you are hesitant or shy like I was or even cautious to do something like coaching, I say take that first step and message him, what do you have to lose, just see how it goes and talk with him. I know you will be in a much better place after having known Matt


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